istranger voice changer

Repeatedly calling the Arduino’s standard analogRead() function in a loop is way, WAY too slow for this. -   in HIGH mode, © DigiScan Labs, 1998 - Features. Prime Carrello. You may reference the picture below containing a 3 and 4 section male phone jack to determine the necessary connection type compatible with the iStranger. Ciao, Accedi. Disguise How You Sound In An Instant with the Professional Voice Changer. //]]>, Changes your voice in the two working modes – with a “low” and a “high” tone, Works with all modern smart phones which have a 4-contact, 3.5 mm connector (such as Apple, Samsung, HTC and others), Built-in rechargeable battery with 6 hour reserve, Functions as a headset, i.e. For human voice, that means 7 KHz sampling…but a little more wouldn’t hurt. //

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