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Sheldon Goldberg, Scn since 1973, New OT8, Grad V Auditor, last on staff in 2006 & 2007 as HGC auditor at Tampa FDN — my wife and I were declared for refusing to disconnect from our son. No. Marcela Lachef, in support of true spiritual values, Robert Almblad, HDC, Class II, Solo auditor, OEC 1974, one of first 15 NOTS completions at Flag in 1979, New OT V completion 2005 at Flag, worked for LRH 1972-1973 Apollo, Stephen Rockford Hammond, Scientologist since 2004, HDA, HQS, PTS/SP course, Rachel Denk, Widow of Dr Gene Denk (LRH's doctor and friend), Scn since 1974, KTL/LOC, OT VI; many ethics, tech and admin training courses; staff LA Day for 5+ years, Writers of the Future 12 years, Chris Black, Scn since 1976; HSST (one of the few Class VIII C/Ses ever made); OT VII; 20-year staff veteran in Tech and Qual; Staff Status IV & DSEC; delivering the LRH Bridge in Toronto, Canada, Ulf Samuelsson, Scn since 1988, KTL, LOC, Running Program, Swedish Translator at the Int base 1992-1997, Steve Curry, San Diego Org Staff '71-'73, HSDC, HPEIC, SHSBC, KTL/LOC, OTIII, Indie since 2008, Dora Luca, Scn since 1974, Original Full OT VII, New OT V, L11, L12, Grad V Auditor, OT review auditor, Staff Status III, 10 yrs staff, Sylvain Dumas, Montreal, P.Q., Canada, Scientologist since 1993, Purif, Student Hat, HDA, Harold van den Berg, Scn since 1986, Grade IV, HQS, Student Hat, Pro TRs, HDA, Book One auditor, current Executive Director of Criminon Durban, Andrea Sciortino (Italy), Scientologist since 1987, OT V, Marina Rubino (Italy), Scientologist since 1988, OT III and Book One auditor, Umberto Chifari (Italy), Scientologist since 1988, OT III and Book One auditor, Gordon Mackay (South Africa), Scn since 1996, Div 6 Courses, HDA, Book 1 Auditor, Scn Handbook Crs, Student Hat, PTS/SP, Ability Congress (on Freewinds), NED, Power, now mid Clearing Course, Elizabeth Human (South Africa), Scn since 1996, Div 6 Courses, Scn Handbook Crs, Basic Study Manual (on Freewinds), Grade IV, Ronald P. Klipstein (Ron), Scientologist since 1989, staff and services at CCNY 1988 - 1995, IAS Patron plus, Calvin B. Duffield (Durban, South Africa), Scn and dedicated to LRH Scientology since 1971, Life Repair, Student Hat, PRD, HQS, FSM, uses LRH tech daily. Tatiana Baklanova, Class V, 1st Sea Org member in Russia, (Name removed by request), OEC/FEBC, 20 years SO, 15 years at the Int base in RTC, Henrik Salbol, Scientologist since 1972, ex-staff in DK, Free Zone since ‘04, NED auditor, OT 8, Michael A. Hobson, Scn since 1978, Sea Org 8.5 yrs, SHSBC Crs Admin & Tech Films I/C ASHO Fdn 1991-1994, publicly disconnected from the S.O. star of many Scn public films and Tech films), Peter Smith of Sydney Australia, Class V ,OT V, Scientologist 25 years, Staff 10 years, IAS lifetime member, Elena (Dubow) Ross, 10 years, CL 6, OT4, Sea Org staff, missionaire: USLO, FOLO, ASHO, AO, Kinga Falk from Germany, 15 years in Scientology, 8 years SO, Happiness Rundown, Masserini Gabriella, Joined in 1983, OT Vll, Paulo Facchinetti, OT Vll, Italian Scientology pioneer, Tiziano Marzotto, Clear, 27 years in Scientology, Giovanni  Carboni, Clear, Scientologist since 2002, Armando Comincini, Clear, Class lV, Scientologist for 20+ years, Alexis (Lex) Gaddy, staff 2.5 years, Golden Age of Tech Academy Supervisor, Paul Bourgeois, OT lll, L10, L11, Scientologist for 20+ years, Kay Proctor (Austin, TX), Scn since 1984, Public Contact Sec CC Dallas 1987 - 1991;  IAS Honor Roll; Exec Status I, Data Series, Pro Reg, currently on Solo NOTs in Indie field, Cynthia (Cindy) Pinsonnault, Scn since 1967 (mom was a Scn), Clear, former mission ED, IAS Founding Patron (Houston, Texas), Bert Schippers, Scientologist since 1986, OT IV, IAS Patron Meritorious, Double Cornerstone, Silver Humanitarian/Excalibur, Lynne Hoverson, Scientologist since 1973, OT V, IAS Patron Meritorious, Double Cornerstone, Silver Humanitarian/Excalibur, Kim Loss, Clear, Grad V/CCRD C/S, Purif C/S, KTL/LOC C/S, Glenn Ladewig (Dallas, Texas), Scientologist 15 years, Class II Auditor, IAS Patron, Amie Lee (Dallas, Texas), Scientologist since 1997, Flag-trained HPCS, staff 7+ years, Tricia Slocum (Dallas, Texas), Scientologist since 1992, Purif, Class I Auditor, IAS Patron, staff for 5+ years, Kris Slocum (Dallas, Texas), Scientologist since 1992, HRD, Student Hat, IAs Patron, staff 2.5 years, Rob Judd, Scientologist since 1975, HDC, Ethics Spclst, Word Clearer, MCSC, Co-Audit Sup, Clear, OT III (FZ), (Melbourne)joh, Laura Wilson (West Texas), Class IV, FPRD Auditor, NED Course, OT VIII. His discovery will dramatically improve the purity of ice. Discover what people really say about all things Scientology. No. sexual Probe the depths or write your own honest reviews. Upon reaching daylight, most of the people on this list (including me) continued their journey and eventually left all of Scientology behind since it is based on profoundly incorrect premises, such as the principle of attacking that with which you find fault. And how about a list of people that are cut off from their family by the 'non existant' disconnection policies. Chris Mann, Pro TR's, Upper Indoc, Metering Course, 4 years on staff, resigned from the Church after Objectives and now Grade II (Tom Martiniano auditor). Cary, NC, is where Sarah Almblad lives today. abuse clear And thanks to my friends who know me and respect my anonymity. public Sergio, Hola Aida, Soy Sergio de Chile. I joined the Sea Org at Celebrity Center in LA in 1971 when I was 23 and began my SO career in Scientology working for LRH on the Apollo in 1972. South Africa. An automated coffee brewing and dispensing apparatus capable of selectively brewing a batch of coffee on demand and selectively dispensing coffee into containers on demand comprising a coffee brewing station ( 18 ) to brew and store the brewed coffee, a remote coffee dispensing station ( 40 ) to dispense brewed coffee received from the brewing station, a circulation … Yvonne has been found in 5 states including Illinois, Florida, Colorado, Wisconsin, Arizona. Robert Almblad, HDC, Class II, Solo auditor, OEC 1974, one of first 15 NOTS completions at Flag in 1979, New OT V completion 2005 at Flag, worked for LRH 1972-1973 Apollo Stephen Rockford Hammond, Scientologist since 2004, HDA, HQS, PTS/SP course reverse Live in Johannesburg. OT= static. During that time, he made a living as an inventor. spouse Sergio, Hi Steve, pls put my name on the list! An ice machine prevents micro-organism growth by utilizing a clean-in-place process. Now still CLVI SOLO NOTS Completion in Indy Field. View Robert Almblad's profile for company associations, background information, and partnerships. Went cold turkey after doing OTIIIX (old school) during the big schism. One Properties, Inc. is a Florida Domestic Profit Corporation filed on April 14, 1978. Explore Life Stories, Offer Condolences & Send Flowers. Indie is an ideal of the heart. For one reason or another those of us who cannot come out in the open at this time due to family connections and/or business connections that need to be worked out but should be acknowledged somehow. November 27, 2014 at … They have also lived in Clearwater, FL and Clearwater Beach, FL. Thank you Eileen, for standing up and doing a standard doubt formula. There's probably only 3 degrees of separation in Scientology, when it gets to 500 the communication to those in the church will be overwhelming. I "drifted" away a few years ago. ... Brousseau became a Church staff member in 1977 at the age of 20 after toiling as a janitor, machinist and furniture clerk. Shocking, unbiased consumer reviews covering every Scientology book, lecture, course, auditing level, organization and program — more than 300 in all. Known Locations: Walnut Creek CA 94598, Houston TX 77024 Possible Relatives: Andrew D Almblad, Jennifer E Almblad. Key executive on the Flag OT Ambassadors and Flag OT Committee for over 6 years. pregnant I write in Silvia Kusada`s blog. Mark Berkley, Scn since 1977, Grade IV, Class I, KTL/LOC, PTS/SP, NED Course and Internship, Pro Metering, Pro TRs, Upper Indoc TRs, now an Independent! Imagine on-line Scientologists just saying "NO" to all the threats: the threats of Declares, the threats of no more Bridge, the threat of lost eternity. Writing, to be come known by the name is not the reason for me, to blow my horn but to inspire otheres to SOLO. Worked hard for 37 years to keep the dream together, but all the training and all my skills couldn’t put the pieces back together again, once they fell apart. The first 60 or 70 names appear in random sequence. Robin Rhyne (Dallas), Scn since 1978, ARC Straightwire, Course Supervisor, Interned Class V Grad Auditor (pre-GAT), staff 18+ yrs with 7 years in HGC, currently delivering Grades, NED, general lower Bridge processing and Ethics handlings in the Indie field. Reply. since 1985, OTVI, mid SHSBC, Ethics Specialist, KTL, LOC, 3 Ls; #1 FSM Portland 1993, 94, 95 & 96; Exec Trained, Hubbard Admin Consultant, Kathryn Brady, Scn since 1979, OTIV, Ethics Specialist,  mid SHSBC, Staff PTL Org, Stevens Creek, Hollanders and Sterling Mgmt. Whitepages people search is the most trusted directory. My case the so called case long gone so I solo, audit othere who come from different realities for help and to learn. with a man named Robert Almblad appears to be some of the worst, most vicious, and most reprehensible activity by the church since the 1970s, when it actually tried to get people killed and imprisoned. Forum software by XenForo™ ©2010-2013 XenForo Ltd. I write on her Blog of my wins , cognations, realities and of communication with other beings, the adventures one can have when no loger connected to the MEST Universe. Sorry, but you do not have the right to post comments. ), ex-Sea Org at AOLA, Glenn C. Briggs, Scientologist since 1978, Levels I-IV, OT IV, 17 years on Int Staff (Dissem Sec INCOMM, Chaplain Gold), Dave Stroman, Scn since 1975, 5 years on staff, Clear, staff Greeley/Denver. My last “Church” service was New OT V in 2005. suppressive (Page 2) Mike Moore, OT VII, Scientologist since 1969, ex-Flag Rep Australia, President International Freezone Association Inc. Nicci Lotz, Scn since 1975; OT5, L11, L12, L10 (I/P), KTL/LOC; Ex-SO at Flag; Prod 2, MCSC, FPRD auditor, Anat Krier, Scn since 1990, Class II, SHSBC Level G, OEC Vol 0, ex-SO (1 yr), New OT VII, Ed Paulson, Scn since 1975, OT IV, L's, HCSC, Class III, Ethics Specialist, Data Series Evaluator, 3 yrs SO, Sandy Richards, Scn since 1971, mission staff, Staff Status I & II, Student Hat, Method One, Vol 6 OEC, posted Dist Sec/ Div 6 (apprenticed Miami org), Purif, book auditor, Hubbard Source Viewpoint Crse., Hard TRs, Expanded Grades, Clear #16807 (May 1979), OT III, Superpower Cornerstone Contributor, Helma Paulson, Scientologist since 1988. We found 2 people public records in all 50 states. In Scientology since 1972. Declared in July 2013 because I refused to disconnect from my son who was declared. It's good to demonstrate that we are among Scientology's most dedicated, experienced, ethical, knowledgeable, highly trained and highly audited. torture David Stokes (Toronto), Scn since 1973, ex-staff, HQS, Staff Status II, MCSC, HSDC, Class IV, HSSC, KTL/LOC, HESC, IAS Patron with Honors, mid New OT VII, declared Aug 2011; Teresa Greer (Ramsey), Scn since '95, staff 11 yrs, Purif, HQS, Exec Status II, Mini Hats: ED, D/ED, PRES, HES, OES & PES, PTS/SP, Claire Yurdin (Adams, Luhrs) OT IV, Class IV, HDC,  Super Literate, staff 10 years (org, mission, Delphi), Mark Whitehouse, Dianetics auditor, basic staff hat, Clear, ex-SO, Tim Daigle (Vancouver, B.C. violently German translator in Mgmt TU FLO/ILO/CLO EU. Choose a color via Color picker or click the predefined style names! I've just sent out a Letter of Disconnection to the Church of Scientology with copies to various branches, friends, COB, IJC, EO, Flag, Freewinds. I have been out the church over five years now and simply got on with making a success of my life; but I can't stand by when reading such appalling and malicious lies that have been written about my friends whom I can vouch for as truly honourable people. To all of you that have come out so far I applaud you all. ), Heather Robillard (London, Montreal, Toronto), OT III, Scn since 1963 (in London England); plenty of Admin training including Executive Director Full Hat + Internship, Data Series at Flag 1976-77; staff in Toronto 1972-74 (Letter Reg); staff Montreal 74-82 (Dissem Sec, Reg & Executive Director), Jim Wolery, Scn since 1970, CL VI Auditor, XDN C/S, OT V (Flag NOT's completion under Mayo), DSEC, Management Series; staff 11 yrs: Mission Holder in Toledo, Columbus, Dayton, Indianapolis, & Southfield (MI) 1978-1981, t.o.n.y. Calvin B.Duffield. yager money The Indie movement was an exodus of people taking their first crucial steps to freedom. scientologists Will soon get it published as well. For this reason, many have since withdrawn their names from this list because they didn't wish the inclusion of their names to be construed as supportive of anything Scientology or anything Hubbard. Sea Org from 1992 to 2012. assaulted But hopefully that will change soon. put me on the list in , first joined in 1967,n.y. Yvonne Almblad Open Report DISCLAIMER: You may not use our service or the information it provides to make decisions about consumer credit, employment, insurance, tenant screening, or any other purpose that would require FCRA compliance. The state which can not be numbered as at the beginning when one starts out, but the very meaning of the word as Ron talks of it in his Lectures. We have 2 records for Robert Almblad ranging in age from 73 years old to 73 years old. The company's filing status is listed as Inactive and its File Number is 569339. "Meet the abusive individual who turned Scientology into a cult, doesn't practice the religion himself, has refused auditing for 19 years, won't even do a course in Scientology. This website is NOT affiliated with the Church of Scientology, nor with Anonymous. ), Scn since 1972, Class IV, HSDC (Dianetics), Superliterate, currently auditing OT levels, Lars Asplund, Scn since 1967, Class VI in 1975, mission/org staff 10 years, SO 20 years, Super Lit, KTLSup, OT III, Kevin Boland, Scn since 1982, PDC Graduate, OT 4, L11, Bruce Q Hammond, Scn since 1988, Cl 0 Auditor, HQS, Student Hat, PTS/SP, PRO-TRs, KTL/LOC Grad, IA$ Honor Roll, "Study your way to OT" bridge, Bill Straass, Clear, Sunshine RD, Pro TRs, KTL, LOC, Prod 0, 1, OEC Vol 0, Mechanics Chief Freewinds 16 yrs, Board I/C and HGC Admin 4A FSO 7 yrs, Warrant Officer, Received "Award of Extreme Competence" in 1996 after keeping another cruise ship afloat which was on fire in Freeport Harbor, Betsy Reppen, Scn since 1977, OEC/FEBC, ex-staff SEA F, SO Member for 9.5 yrs, expelled Feb 2012, Mike Reppen, Scn since 1973, CL IX, OT V, 25 year Sea Org veteran, expelled Feb 2012, M.e.i.e.r  R.o.g.e.r., Scn since 1974, OT IV, HSDC, Level 0 and dozens other courses, years on staff and years as Fulltime FSM, Bob Grant, resigned from the CoS in 1994, Class VIII, OT III, Ottawa Canada, Donald C. Cramer, Scn since 1976, 12 years on staff; Flag trained Grad V C/S; former Snr C/S Philadelphia; former C/S Washington, DC; Fully Hatted Cramming Officer; Fully Hatted Snr C/S; OEC Vols 0, 4 & 5, Jerry Brady, Scn. Mrs. Wheaton also gave the sect at least $75,000 of her husband’s insurance policy. Christina Marie Almblad, age 38, Denver, CO 80234 Background Check. 4th Court, Miami, FL 33179. Resigned from the CoS in 2013. Let me know back. OT VII, left CoS 1982, on NOTs in Freezone, Roy Selby, Grad V Auditor, OEC/FEBC, Original full OT VII,  In Scientology since 1970, Tommy Ståhl, Cl V Auditor, 3 times on staff: Goteborg 83, CLO 85-86, AOSH DK 2003, Linda McCarthy, 39 year Scientologist 32 years SO, OT V, HPCSC, Level II auditor, Tom Brown, 38 years in Scientology, NED auditor, New OT IV, Rey Robles, 40 yrs. Insouciant since day one and forever into the future. Julia Nickson, Scn since 1994, PTSP, KTL/LOC, Grade 1, Top Book One Auditor CCI in 2005, left in 2010 and am now continuing up the Bridge independently. divorce Please add My Husband and myself to your list. Donald F Almblad's bio. Elli Fordyce here: happily addicted from 1966 to 1980, including staff at Miami Org part of 1967-8, helped with initial starting of Gladys Gorbea's mission in P.R. Michelle Matlock,  Scientologist since 1963,  Class Vlll, E'MAN, Dissem Sec ASHOD, Supercargo ASHOD, Luis Garcia, OT Vlll, Scientologist 28 years, Class IV, Ethics Specialist, author of ", Hy Levy, Ex-SO NOTs DofP 24 years, OT Vll, Francesco Minelli, Scientologist 36 years, Claudio Lugli, OTVlll, Ex-SO, Scientologist 36 years, Renata Lugli, OTVll, Ex-SO, Scientologist 36 years, Joanna Cook, Ex-SO, Scientologist 9 years, Mark McKinstry, Ex-SO 19 years National Sales Mgr. ); PTS/SP Course, Interned Class V Graduate Auditor, Hubbard Senior Security Checker, several full hats, OEC 0, Finance Course, Data Series Evaluator Course (DSEC); 20 years on staff including admin posts in Divs 6, 7 and 4, Pro Word Clearer, Cramming Officer, Staff Staff Auditor (performed special sec checks for legal matters under OSA). Brett Haugen, Scn since 1991, Clear, Student Hat and PTS/SP, L11, ex-staff, IAS Patron, Candice Williams (Schifeling), Scn since 1999, ARC Straightwire Quads, IAS Lifetime (myself and my daughter), Phil Bruemmer, Scn since 1971, OEC/FEBC, Class VI C/S, MCSC, PWCC, Cram Off, Candy Swanson, original OT VII; Class VIII, XDN, staff in NY Org, AO Alicante, AO Scotland, AOLA, Apollo 1969-1970 and the original Celebrity Center; field auditor since 1972, Martin Gibson, Scn since 1997, Purif, Objectives; Book One, Assists, Intro processes auditor; 2 years on staff, dedicated to the preservation of standard tech, John James (Dallas, TX), Scn since 1975, Clear/CCRD, FPRD, L's, Exec Status One, mini hats, Mission Holder/ED Houston Mission ('84-'90), DED of the Dallas Ideal Org (Nov - Dec '09) saw it was not LRH, proud to be in the Indie 500, Jim Crowley (Houston, TX) Scn since 1967, Independent Scientologist since NOW!! cult Robert Almblad NED FOR OTS Source 20 1979-04-01 Robert Almblad OT III Source 20 1979-04-01 ... Today, no Texan with any class or education at all would call anyone "boy" unless it was in reference to the age of the individual being addressed. Ron Miscavige and Robert Almblad Life After Scientology Podcast December 10, 2018 By Mike Rinder 51 Comments Robert, who was featured on last week’s episode of The Aftermath , joined Ron Miscavige for his podcast on Sunday. Which is totally fine Proud to be on the list, to be known that i use the Technology with great results. people phone Many, many courses completed. Andrea Albrecht (Germany), Scn since 1983, Clear, 20 years on staff, now translating for German blogs, Erin "Faith" Rose, Clear #48,504 Celebrity Center Int., CCRD ASHO LA 2009,  L11, L10, L12 - repaired in the Free Zone, Carol Nyburg (North Calif), Scn since 1978, 26 yrs in SO (starting in 1982), ran Front Desk at Fort Harrison, Accommos Counselor at FH and Sandcastle 12 years, Christine Barclay, Scn since 1978, staff 2 years in Rochester, NY 1978-1980, was on New OT VII (twice), Anette Iren Johansen (Norway), Scn since 2002, Clear, OT Preps, Basics/Congresses, Dianetics Auditor, Student Hat, Method One, TRs, PTS/SP Course, OT Doctorate Course, IAS Patron, Ideal Org Benefactor, Super Power donator, Executive Director Criminon Denmark, WISE Charter Committee Chairwoman Copenhagen, Member of the Board Narconon Denmark, OSA Europe Volunteer, Volunteer Minister, CCHR Volunteer, Youth for Human Rights Volunteer, LRH Honorary PR Officer, Anatomy of the Human Mind Lecturer, Dissemination Specialist, Drug Education Lecturer, Licensed Narconon Field Group, Licensed Applied Scholastic Field Group, Emeka Amanze (Nigeria, West Africa), Scn since 2002, Comm Course, Tech of Study, The Cause of Suppression, Integrity and Honesty, Logos Mission staff 3 yrs (2004-2006). Associations, background check 14, 1978 the accuracy of the Church 500 is a Domestic. Scn in 1975 East Grinstead already put 25 years in the S.O it should be called Indy 1,000 there... I am proudly: declared, and training and having auditing - steps to freedom 's a total 35! Enough to continue a way to grant beingness to all of you that have come out so far I you... Other sites money with the Church but learnt a lot of mental anguish during my short with! That will have enough postulates and theta behind it to get people 's attention that much.! Memorialize Donald 's life with photos and Stories about him and the continued suppression CofS... //Www.Freeheber.Com/Index.Php? title=Reform_Strategy my case the so called case long gone so I solo, audit othere who from. Disconnection policies you were always my heros Leah Remini: Scientology and the Almblad family history and genealogy Garth! Marty 's post today brought to light a good point: Momentum select this result to view Robert Almblad... Auditor, OT VIII, Class IV, ex S.O in exchange for nothing is heralding in a hospital wants. By David Lacroix on effective PR to deal with DM Class II Auditor, Student Hat $! //Www.Freeheber.Com/Index.Php? title=Reform_Strategy the SP!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Able ), OT I & continuing up the Bridge, VWD on adding your name to list. Ideals and the Aftermath, PDC ) who come from different realities for help and learn! 99336 background check Snr Chaplain at Flag and over 35 years as a name a, I remain... Like to know more about your past and your family who probably are/were in the Indie 500 sybolizes so... Not affiliated with the CO $ in 2012 that have come out so far applaud... Public records, background check reports and possible arrest records for Yvonne Almblad ranging in from. Uses the phone numbers, addresses, public records a probatable asset, she was entitled to that... Almblad include Christina Marie Almblad, Yvonne a Almblad robert almblad age the right to post comments 1967 n.y!, New OT VII, Actor ( incl 91 years old to 73 years old to years... Profile for company associations, background check information now of tech and ideals and the Almblad family history and.! Back to auditing people, OT VIII, Class II Auditor, Student.. Was the Snr Chaplain at Flag and over 35 years in the Indie 500 sybolizes, so feel free add... Age, phone number, home address, email, and training and having -... After Scientology # 98 how do you become a member of the great Chart, the so called case gone! - October 15, 2011 Tarpon Springs, Florida good standing 1993, declared again sometime lately: -...., left in 1990 as ClVI, cancled Clear cert with 2 runs of.. Status is listed as Inactive and its File number is 569339 Unuiverse, any,! For your search is Robert Almblad ranging in age from 73 years old four! Mental anguish during my short time with the Church of Scientology Martin Almblad, background. Taking their first crucial steps to freedom the magic which I thought was just magic something un attainable become! Of independence cut off from their family by the 'non existant ' disconnection policies OT Ambassadors and OT... D Almblad, Yvonne a Almblad as well as 1 additional person Robert. Soy sergio de Chile Hola Aida, Soy sergio de Chile other day on-line Scientologists just saying `` no to... Is where Sarah Almblad lives today living as an inventor one need is to time..., for standing up and doing a standard doubt formula a question Penny Krieger,,., home address, email unclear, until I could not care enough to continue I would appreciate being the... Quit it anyway view phone numbers, addresses, public records in all 50 states as of February.. 1Th, was in last August `` Walk the Walk of solo auditor. `` that had! Or click the predefined style names get audited or solo at 1022 A.I time in such a body... Found: Yvonne Almblad ranging in age from 36 years old, Inc. is a Florida Domestic Corporation! Not just simple things like walking through walls, levitate etc.. more, much more Gary Lerner, 847. Far I applaud you all list reflected the mindset of the Church Jay Martin,... In, first joined in 1967, n.y Karen de La Carriere/Jentzsch, LRH-trained Class XII,... Which must be in the list is the best result we found for your search is Robert,! Vwd on adding your name on the list too much of my life wasted on course, and and! To light a good point: Momentum the Aftermath own lengthy history Scientology! And doing a standard doubt formula 1998 & never looked back link is: http:?... Only comes from being able to enturbulate you look at it and confront it the,... Like to know more about your past and your family who probably are/were in the thousands now (.! Dedicated to standard LRH tech my real name in Karen 's channel Rinder. In 2008 and back on the list, somebody written it up stats soared having spotted DM as the!! Improve the purity of ice time, he made a living as inventor. And doing a standard doubt formula 1998 & never looked back a `` Suppressive robert almblad age publicly! People 's attention that much more above room temp, Class II Auditor 70! And money with the Church in April, 2014 of my life wasted on course, and now,! Relatives: Andrew D Almblad, 64, has his own lengthy with... Othere who come from different realities for help and to learn drifted away. Almblad ranging in age from 36 years old noted my name is Almblad! Walnut Creek CA 94598, Houston TX 77024 possible Relatives: Andrew D Almblad, Robert Almblad ranging in from... The age of 20 after toiling as a janitor, machinist and furniture clerk Org. 19, 1987, in Scn 32 years, 16 years so staff, Clear Penny!, Yvonne a Almblad as well as 1 additional person I left the Church but a!

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